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Oriental Biotech Limited is a part of a Diversified group headed by Mr. A. R.Modi, the chairman & Managing Director. The company is engaged in production and exports of agricultural products from India.

Presently the main activity of the company is Contract Production and Exports of Vegetable Hybrid and Flower Seeds to some of the leading companies in U.S.A, Europe and Far-East.
Chairman & M.D. - Mr.A.R.Modi
The Company is based at Bangalore, a prime city of India which is also considered to be the Horticultural Capital of the country. We have over 10 years of experience in the production of Hybrid and OP Vegetable and Flower seeds.
We are one of the leading Exporters of Vegetable Hybrid Seeds from India. The main crops we handle are Tomatoes, Pepper, Squash & Melons etc. We have over 1000 plots of Hybrid Vegetables for Seed Production / Exports. There is a distinct advantage that India possesses as an alternative seed production area. Continue Next Page
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