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We have more than 90 people working with the Company. Our customers include some of the leading Companies in the world in their respective field in USA, EUROPE, RUSSIA and the FAR-EAST.
India has a wide range of agro-climatic zones from Sub-Tropical to Temperate. This clubbed with abundant availability of land and relatively in-expensive and higly skilled labour, renders Indian Agricultural Products highly competitive in the International market. Due to over several years' experience in the field, we have

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established a fairly good rapport with the growers and consequently we have in position a very strong production base. We can organise large areas and at the same time control quality and yields. As a result,
we can assure consistency of quality and quantity for the Export Market which is vital in Internation Trade.
Our long standing loyal customer base is adequate proof of our reliability and confidentiality, which are the essential pre-requisities of any Contract Production Activity.
Seeds are harvested here between December and March and hence fresh seeds can be available for marketing between January and April / May. In addition to Seed Production, the Company is also offering Agricultural Extension Services to some leading seed Companies world-wide for trials and evaluation of their varieties' performance under Indian conditions, vis-a-visa the leading local varieties as checks.
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