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     One of the activities being carried out by our Company is organising evaluation trials of various crops for companies World-wide, to test the suitability / otherwise of their products under Indian conditions. This helps the customers to decide the best variety suitable for India in general and even identify different varities suitable for the different climatic zones of India.
These trails are initially carried out on our R&D farm located on the outskirts of Bangalore. Bangalore as such is located at an altitude of 900 mts and latitude of 13 degree North of the equator. Attached herewith is the climatic data for reference. The soil is sandy loam with pH 6.5 to 7.0. The depth of the soil is 30 cms and it has good drainage.
     We can take up evaluation trails on Vegetables and Field crops. Depending on the objectivies of the customer, the trail is designed in the following ways:
a) Randomised block design
b) Split plot design(variation in spacing,fertilizer/other inputs, date of sowing, etc)
c) Chi square test(analysis of data from different location trails)
d) On-farm field demonstrations (growing fields)
The replications can vary according to the number of treatments and data(on the following parameters) that is generated under the supervision of highly qualified and exprienced scientific personnel. Two local checks are included in the trails to obtain comparable performance.
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