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Important data collected are:
1. Date of sowing / transplanting
2. Initial vigour (on scale of 0 - 9)
3. Plant height at different stages, viz vegetative, flowering and harvesting stage.
4. No. of leaves and branches per plant at different growth stages.
5. Days to 50% flowering.
6. Days to fruiting / head formation
7. Days to ripening / ready for commercial harvesting / duration of harvest.
8. Final yield in kgs/acre
9. No. of fruits/plant, size(wt) and shape of fruits.
10. fruit characters like taste, brix, T.S.S., acidity etc(where applicable viz. tomato).
11. Disease observations( on a scale of 0 - 9)
12. Defiency systems (No. of affected plants/plot)
13. Consumer reaction (on a scale of 0 -9)
14. Other Quality parameters like transportability, firmness, storage, etc.

Such data can also be generated by conducting evaluation trails in different agro climatic zones of India if the customer so desires. Data can be complied to draw a meaningful conclution. The testing or evaluation centers need to be located in the vicinity of the major markets. Costs will therefore vary, depending upon the number of locations to be taken up.
The evaluation or on-farm yield trails can be conducted for Vegetable Crops like Tomato, Squash, Cucumber, Hot pepper, Egg-plant, Capsicum (sweet pepper), Water-melon, Musk-melon (cantaloupe), Okra & Cucurbits ; Cruciferous Vegetables like Cabbage, Cauliflower and Carrot; and Field Crops like Corn, Sorghum, Millet, Sorghum Sundan Grass, Sunflower, Cotton, Rice or any other crop with specfic instructions.